Russian born, USA raised multidisciplinary artist who explores what is felt but not seen, that which is just outside of our physical experience.

Being born in a culture with a mix of orthodox and pagan values my work gravitates towards the spiritual. Adoration of beauty and nature as a healing element.
My work relies deeply on color, shape, and nature driven symbolism as I hope to evoke a primal reaction that communicates those large experiences of being which are beyond other expressions.

I live and work in Brooklyn, New York.


Select Group Shows

2018 - My Neighbor Hayao. Spoke Art. Honolulu. HI

2015 - Perceptual Shift. Image Gallery. Brooklyn. NY

2013 - Fauna. Arch Enemy Arts. Philadelphia. PA

2012- End of Days. Sacred Gallery. Manhattan. NY

On Site Installations

2019 - the Portal. Elements Lakewood. Lakewood.PA

2018 - the Palace. Elements Lakewood. Lakewood.PA

2011 - Wishing Tree. Dodecapus. Atlanta.GA